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The Unicycle Project

In honor of Zander Pois, please #lovesomeonetoday

Our "CirqueKindness" or outreach takes on many different forms for CirqueLouis– sometimes it looks like surprising a fundraising event, and sometimes it looks like feeding the homeless. We live and love to serve! CirqueLouis regularly participates in giving back to our community with circus arts through things like Mayor Fisher’s Give A Day Week, WE Day Kentucky, the annual Thanksgiving breakfast, free workshops and intensive studies for the Unicycle Project and Love The Ville events to name a few. CirqueLouis performers have donated hundreds of hours of service over the past few years.

Read our compassion charter here: http://cirquelouis.com/compassionatecompany/

In July of 2018 CirqueLouis has renamed our outreach branch The Unicycle Project in our efforts to honor one of own when loving on our community with circus arts. Zander Pois was an extraordinary performer and master of many circus arts crafts. Unbelievably talented he was constantly giving his gifts to others in our shows, events and outreach efforts in the city and joined us for many of the events listed above.

Over the past year, CirqueLouis has periodically offered workshops and classes in circus arts free of charge to our community in honor of and celebrating the life of Zander Pois. Follow us on Facebook here to keep up with postings and current events we offer.

As an outstanding steward of all types of service, Zander was involved in a number of organizations and charitable events in our community. Please consider giving in his honor to any of the causes he so loved:

Animal Care Society - http://www.animalcaresociety.org/animalcare-society-donation

Beckley Creek Park: https://www.theparklands.org/make-a-donation.html

Turners Circus: http://www.louisvilleturners.org/

Northeast Christian Church: https://www.necchurch.org/

Walden High School: https://walden-school.org/

Second Chance Wildlife: http://secondchanceswildlife.org/

KY Humane Society: https://www.kyhumane.org/

The Unicycle Project strives to remind others--and ourselves-- that we are never alone, and no matter what trial we may be facing, there are people in our corner, cheering us on.

For more information or inquiries for The Unicycle Project please email Maria Pois at Maria@CirqueLouis.com

Love someone today. Speak truth. Listen, really listen. Never give up.

**(all donations to CirqueLouis intended for The Unicycle Project will be earmarked for this branch)

The Unicycle Project (CirqueCompassion)

CirqueLouis instructors and staff participate in outreach because they understand that circus arts are more than the art of juggling, balancing, etc– they can fundamentally change your life! We have a focus working with youth in Portland, but our programming will soon be growing– follow us to learn more.