Hire Us

Whether you are wanting an entire show or just a few performers, you can always ask us to "circus" your event up for you and your guests.

It's simple - just email us at hello@cirquelouis.com or Alyssa@CirqueLouis.com to to let us know your date, location and type of performers you are looking for.

Listen to others who have worked with us, hired or seen us out and about:

Iroquois Amphitheater (CirqueLouis community partners):

"The organization is business oriented and conducts itself with integrity and professionalism."

Kentucky Center For The Arts (CirqueLouis community partners):

"CirqueLouis is an asset to the artistic landscape of our community. Not only through their unparalleled performance, but also through their mission to provide alternative and artistic physical activity promoting trust, confidence and compassion."

Elf-apolooza at Galt House (2017):

"To Whom It May Concern,

I want to extend and say a warm thank you for the graciousness and kindness of your representatives that participated in the Galt House Christmas.

I want to thank especially Lee, Annabelle (spelling?), and the stilt walker dressed as an elf ( I didn't get her name because someone kept ringing the bell on the Winter Express Train ). These guys took time out to talk to the people, and posed for pictures with those who wanted them. Lee worked with kids and a few adults (who we won't mention ) on juggling. His patience is a virtue. All these guys practiced their talents through the expression of their personalities. It was great to see.

I want to personally send a thank you for providing an organization that give kids an outlet to exercise their phenomenal skills and giving a place to go for those who struggle to just 'fit in' in any place else.

Thank you to you and your staff for all you do.

Brian V - Louisville, KY"