HAppy Birthday!

CirqueLouis and Iroquois Ampitheater present "Happy Birthday!" July 20-21

Happy Birthday!

You are invited!

Come celebrate Iroquois Amphitheater's 80th birthday with CirqueLouis!

“Happy Birthday!” is a celebration of birthday magic, community, and coming of age. Each year is a new adventure that over time becomes a cherished memory. CirqueLouis' performers will sing, dance, and fly in a circus celebration, each sharing their gift in honor of the venue's anniversary.

The performances are as follows:

Friday, July 20 – show at 7:30 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 21 – show at 7:30 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m.

• Advance tickets purchased by July 4th are $12 for adults, $8 for children and students (ages 3-17 or with a valid student ID), and free for children 2 and under.

• Tickets purchased after July 4th are $16 for adults, $10 for children and students (ages 3-17 or with a valid student ID), and free for children 2 and under.

Tickets are available online here or in-person (without a transaction fee) at the Iroquois Amphitheater box office. All ages are welcome.

Congratulations to our cast for our 2018-19 season!

See them first July 21-22 at Iroquois Ampitheater with an original CirqueLouis production"Happy Birthday!" and then back again at The Kentucky Center November 3rd and 4th, 2018

Jasmine Ayers

Jasmine has been studying aerials for nearly 3 years, training with CirqueLouis and at Turners Circus. She has been a self-taught hula hooper since 2015. She's performed with CirqueLouis before in Kaleidoscope and Pinocchio, and has taken the stage for various Turners Circus productions such as Bayou, Stagecoach, Fireside and more. Jasmine is CirqueLouis’ Communication Manager. She is currently a practicing LPN, and a full time student studying special education at University of Louisville.

Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark, born in Louisville, Kentucky, was first taken to see the circus by his grandparents. From there, a fascination of the circus and its characters began to grow. The circus was a place where Jordan’s childlike imagination could manifest into a tangible experience.

After training on his own in high school, Jordan began his formal circus training in 2006 at the National Circus School of Montreal’s summer program. He was later accepted into the school’s prestigious college program where he completed his training in 2012. Jordan has performed his hand balancing act in over 20 counties as well as at sea.

Jordan is excited to be back in his hometown and see the circus community growing here. He looks forward to continuing to share the magic of circus with this city.

Michael Crinot

Michael Crinot began to juggle in elementary school and has performed with Turners Circus since 2012. He began his study of dance at Louisville Dance Alliance in 2014 and enjoys performing hip hop and modern dance in their studio and company shows. Michael’s first show with CirqueLouis was "East of the Sun" (2017), then "Kaleidoscope" (2017) and now "Happy Birthday!". Michael also enjoys playing soccer, traveling, studying languages, math, and science at St. Francis and having fun with his friends and family near and far

Zach Edwards

Zach has been training as an aerialist for two years and is extremely excited to perform with CirqueLouis for the first time in Happy Birthday! He has performed in several shows with Suspend Performing Arts, including Death Defying Acts and more recently, Fractured Fables. Zach hopes that the art of circus continues to grow around the world and that he can continue to be a part of it for the rest of his life.

Lynley Elliott

Born fourth into a performing family, Lynley has spent her whole life involved in the circus. She first became part of Turners Circus as an infant, and in 2008 stepped in as Circus Director. Through her leadership and vision, she helped initiate the transformation of the over 65 year old program into the year round training and performance entity that it is today.

Lynley has been instrumental in bringing new apparatus into Turners Circus, as she did in 2008 with the introduction of Silks and in 2014 with the creation of Chadelyra, increasing her own 30+ year repertoire of Static, Flying and Triple Trapeze, Casting, Lyra, Teeterboard, Swinging Ladders, Cradle, Spanish Webs, Adagio and Acro-Balance.

In May of 2015 she joined forces with her former cheer partner and Trapeze/Chandelyra doubles partner, Abbie Springer, and others to form CirqueLouis in order to continue challenging the status quo by supporting new ideas, acts and concepts within the Louisville circus arts community.

Katie Falls

Katie began her circus arts training with Turners Circus in 2016 and has performed in their spring production ever since. She was scouted for CirqueLouis because of her infectiously adorable personality and dynamic stage presence and has appeared in CirqueLouis’ A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016), Pinocchio (2016), East of the Sun (2017), and Kaleidoscope (2017). As one of the youngest performers with CirqueLouis, she is thrilled to be among such an amazing cast. Katie can always be found with a dance in her step, a song on her lips, and a cartwheel bursting to get out.

Zachary Haley

Zachary is a Purdue grad who found aerials through a college friend who posted about it one time on social media. It sounded like something neat, so he tried it on a whim in October of 2015, and has been hooked ever since. He trains when he can on a variety of apparatus, including but not limited to silks, sling, rope, lyra, aerial pole, and static/dancers trapeze in both a single performer and double performer context. Zachary performed with CirqueLouis in their 2017 performance of Kaleidoscope at the Kentucky center. When not climbing things and hanging off of them, he enjoys board games, hiking, cosplay, terrible puns, and tinkering with computers.

Wil Heuser

Wil Heuser is an American actor, producer, and television personality best know for his roles in the HBO series “Mama Dallas” and the CBS reality show “Big Brother.” He is also known for his philanthropic work and social activism, including LGBTQ rights and gender equality.

Born and raised in Louisville, Ky, Heuser began his career at the age of 14 as a singer/songwriter. In his early 20’s Heuser transitioned from the recording industry to acting starring in television series like “The Big Gay Sketch Show” on the LOGO Network. In 2012 Heuser was cast on the 14th season of CBS’s hit reality show “Big Brother.” In 2015 he retuned to acting staring in the HBO comedy “Mama Dallas.”

Wil currently resides in Louisville, KY and is the President/CEO of TheLoup.com, Louisville’s first online entertainment network. “The main purpose of The Loup is to provide a platform to promote local businesses and artists through high-end content, such as blog posts and video sketches,” he explains. “When you visit the site, you’re welcomed with fresh daily content designed to entertain while ‘keeping you in The Loup’ on all things Louisville.”

Ashley Kennedy

Ashley has been involved with aerial arts since she was a child. At just five years old, she didn’t hesitate a bit when her dad swung her from the cradle, an apparatus 20 feet off the ground. From that point forward, she was addicted. With a gymnastics and diving background, Ashley performs both in the air and on the ground as a hand-balancer. Her entire family was a circus family for years, and she is continuing that tradition with her two daughters, Charlotte and Helen. In fact, Charlotte (5 years old) is performing a mother/daughter duo in this production. Ashley is thrilled to share the stage with her.

Charlotte Kennedy

Though Charlotte has performed in two Turners Circus shows, this is her debut CirqueLouis performance. At only 5 years old, she is already flying high on the trapeze. Her parents, Ross and Ashley, could not be more proud of her!

Elizabeth Kruse

Elizabeth was born and raised in Louisville. She started dancing at age 5, learning tap, jazz, and ballet. Through her dance career she performed in numerous events including the Barnstable Brown Derby Party, the Annual Crusade for Children and was in the Louisville Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker”. She also danced for Assumption High School. In addition to dance, Elizabeth enjoyed cheerleading and gymnastics. She cheered for Trinity High School and went on to cheer for Bellarmine College. Elizabeth found aerials (a perfect blend of cheerleading, dance and gymnastics) in the summer of 2014, and has been in love ever since! She has performed in Turner’s Annual Circus production of “Checkmate” and “Bootleg” and has been in multiple Turner’s Revues and Showcases. She specializes in Silks, Spanish Web, and Lyra. When she isn’t hanging upside down, Elizabeth can be found working as an HR Sales Consultant. She also enjoys traveling, hot yoga and weight lifting, but especially spending time with her husband Cameron, dog Oliver Bean and two cats, Forester and Rosey. Elizabeth will make her CirqueLouis debut with “Happy Birthday”.

Lee Mai

Lee is a Juggler and circus enthusiast who is one of CirqueLouis’ most consummate and active performers. He is a regular fixture at CirqueLouis’ city wide events and productions, playing a Vaudeville star in Bootleg “Untapped” (2015) and Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Circus” (2016) and major roles in Pinocchio (2016), East of the Sun (2017), and Kaleidoscope (2017). In addition to performing, Lee is also an instructor for CirqueLouis’ educational outreach and Social Circus program. Beyond circus, Lee enjoys food, good conversation, kindness, and cheesy sci-fi.

Lisette Markham

Lisette is from a long family history of performers; her Mother, Grandmother, and HER Grandmother were all classical singers. Her Mother and Grandmother traveled on a circus train and performed in vaudeville. Lisette started early with folk and ballet classes at 5 years old, and voice lessons with her Grandmother. she has over 25 years of training in ballet, jazz and tap. She trained in classic pantomime with Mick Sgroi, student of Marcel Marceau. She has appeared with Music Theatre Louisville, Clarksville Little Theater, Actors Theater, The Kentucky Opera, Juneteenth Legacy Theater, and the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. She has also performed in film and television. Lisette appeared with CirqueLouis in East of the Sun (2017) as the Troll Queen and in Kaleidoscope (2017) as a Mime. When not performing, Lisette is a counselor with a private practice, loves genealogical research, travel with her family, her church choir, and volunteering.

Andrew Marchal

Andrew was intrigued watching his younger brother perform in the Turners circus production. He loved watching the show and attended almost all of the performances. Afterward, he commented that he could be the base for an acro performance the next year, and he did! He and his brother joined CirqueLouis’ social circus last summer where they learned juggling and acro balancing. Happy Birthday is his third circus performance and he loves being part of CirqueLouis. In addition to the circus, Andrew is a state ranked high school wrestler and enjoys being in the band and on the cross country team. He will be a senior at Atherton in the fall.

Henry Marchal

As the youngest of three boys, Henry has enjoyed being in the spotlight most of his life. He loved being in his first circus production in the spring of 2017 with Turners in Stagecoach and continued at Turners in Bayou in 2018. After joining the social circus at CirqueLouis, he has expanded his circus skills from trampoline and mini trampoline to include juggling and acro balancing. Happy Birthday is his second performance with CirqueLouis. Outside of circus he enjoys being on the wrestling team, gymnastics, drawing and flipping. He will be a sophomore at Atherton in the fall.

Ella Price

Ella is a Dancer as well as an Aerialist who appeared in her first circus production playing Cobweb in CirqueLouis’ A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016). She also danced and performed hammock in CirqueLouis’ Pinocchio (2016), and performed contortion in CirqueLouis’ East Of The Sun (2017). She as well performed in Cirquelouis’s Kaleidoscope (2017). She is a former student of the Louisville Ballet School who currently dances with Louisville Dance Alliance. She has been training in aerials with Turners Circus since 2015 and performed in their annual spring production, Stagecoach (2017) and their production Bayou (2017). Besides loving the stage, Ella loves to sing. She spends her spare time writing song lyrics or poetry.

Emily Price

Emily is a Dancer and Aerialist who has appeared as Titania in CirqueLouis’ A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016), the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio (2016), Rose’s mother in East of The Sun (2017), and an aerialist in Kaleidoscope (2017). She was also the Dance Choreographer/Instructor for Turners Circus, Stagecoach (2017) and Bayou (2018). You can also find her performing with the Vandivier Ford Dance Company. Aside from hanging from the gym ceiling or working in the dance studio, Emily’s other loves include practicing yoga, raising five children with her supportive husband and helping people buy and sell property through her real estate company, The Price Group at Keller Williams.

Liliana Price

Lily is a Dancer, Aerialist, and performer who has appeared in CirqueLouis’ A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016), Pinocchio (2016), East of The Sun (2017), Kaleidoscope (2017). She was also a performer for Turners Circus in Stagecoach (2017) and Bayou (2018). You can also find her performing with Louisville Dance Alliance and the Vandivier Ford Dance Company. Aside of pursuing her passions in circus and dance, you can find Lily working with youth government and leadership programs, practicing yoga, and participating on multiple leaderships teams through school programs. Tonight you will see Lily performing as several different characters on a variety of apparatuses in CirqueLouis’ Happy Birthday!

Leighann Pusateri

Leighann is a native Louisvillian. At age 3, she began gymnastics classes at Louisville Turners, which had an annual circus performance every March. As she progressed through 13 years of competitive gymnastics, she continued to performing. In addition to tumbling and acrobalancing inherent to gymnastics, she has also trained extensively in the aerial arts and has recently added stilting and fire eating to her repertoire. Over the years she has performed in various productions and events with Louisville Turners Circus and CirqueLouis including their recent productions of Bootleg “Untapped“ (2015), A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016), Pinocchio (2016), East of the Sun (2017), and Kaleidoscope (2017). When not performing or working at her day job teaching, Leighann enjoys spending time with her husband Michael and son Sal.

Alyssa Schlimm

Alyssa is excited to be involved in her 5th CirqueLouis show! She has been performing acrobatics and aerials since 1996. She has been seen as a performer in the Turners Circus since the age of 9 on apparatus such as the aerial silks, spanish webs, lyra, and trapeze, to name a few. She is a former gymnast and national championship cheerleader with Northern Kentucky University. When not "circusing" she loves working at her "big girl job" at Sacred Heart Academy and spending time with her family. She'd like to thank her parents for signing her up for gymnastics, her husband Klaus and children Konrad and Louisa for their love and support, and the CirqueLouis Board for giving her the opportunity to do her favorite thing in the whole world on stage. "May all your days be circus days!"

Laura Shahan

Laura has been involved in the circus arts since 2012, specializing in Aerial Silks and Spanish Web, and recently added Fire-Eating to her repertoire. She has performed with CirqueLouis at many local events as well as appearing in their productions of Bootleg “Untapped” (2015), A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016), Pinocchio (2016), East of the Sun (2017), and Kaleidoscope (2017). When not practicing or teaching aerials arts, Laura is usually involved in outdoor activities or piloting herself around Kentucky’s airports. Laura has a hard time keeping her feet on the ground!

Abbie Springer

Growing up in Kansas City, Mo, Abbie moved to Louisville to compete with the nationally ranked University of Louisville cheerleading squad and in 2009, she began her circus arts training. Abbie has trained extensively in doubles acts and apparatus (Acro, Adagio, Trapeze, Chandelyra, and Sphere). She has trained on Silks, Aerial Rope, Lyra and completed her instructional training through NECCA (New England Center for Circus Arts).

Abbie has appeared with her family in the annual Turners Circus spring production since 2009 and she has performed in CirqueLouis’ previous productions of Bootleg “Untapped” (2015), A Midsummer Night’s Circus (2016), Pinocchio (2016), East of the Sun (2017), and Kaleidoscope (2017). Abbie is also a part of CirqueLouis’ event performance troupe appearing at prestigious venues all over the city

Founding CirqueLouis in 2015 has been part of her calling to share the circus arts with the Louisville community and Abbie believes fiercely in CirqueLouis’ vision of creating a strong circus arts community here in Louisville through contemporary circus theater, high-level training, and social circus outreach. Abbie’s other passion lies with spending time with her husband Adam and her three children Annabelle, Aeson, and Abram.

Annabelle Springer

A regular circus performer since age 3, Annabelle is a Ball Walker, Acro-Balancer and budding Aerialist who performs with both CirqueLouis and Turners Circus. When not balancing on circus props, Annabelle devours books and loves challenging herself with computer and math skills, cheers for her middle school and dances for Gillmans Dance Studio/MAGIC Dance in the yearly production of “Nutcracker In A Nutshell”.

Olivia Storment

Olivia is excited to return to CirqueLouis in her 5th production to show her aerial and contortion experience and background. Her prior performances also include participating in Turners Circus for the past 2 years. Her future plans include honing her art and taking circus arts to a professional level. You can normally find Olivia practicing all types of circus or hanging by her neck in the gym!

Elina Sulkowski

Elina started performing at the age of 6 with the Turner's Circus. Since then, she has participated in multiple shows at Turners, both on the ground and in the air. She enjoys ball-walking, acro-balancing, trapeze, and silks. This is her first time performing with CirqueLouis and she is beyond excited. In addition to the circus, Elina loves horseback riding, singing, baking, and reading.

Asher Taylor-Dawson

Asher fell in love with ballet as a young child, began training in circus arts in 2015, and joined CirqueLouis in 2017. He works as a dancer, circus artist, and choreographer, with recent performances including the premiere of Amberly Simpson's "Only weeds will rise in winter.", PlayThink Festival's FlowCase, Brian Grant's "Tango for Those Forgotten," CirqueLouis' "Kaleidoscope," and Suspend Productions' "Orpheus: A Silent Circus." A transplant from Connecticut, he resides in the Iroquois Park neighborhood with his husband, Denis, and their cat, Merkah. Asher is delighted to be returning for his second season with CirqueLouis.

Alexis Thomas

Alexis has been involved with aerial arts since 2003. She has loved growing up in a circus family and swinging from the rafters at Turners Circus with her mom and husband. She specializes in Lyra, Ladders, Acro-Hand balancing, and Static Trapeze. She most recently appeared in Turners Circus' production of "Bayou". When she isn't flying through the air Alexis loves her day job as a Braille Transcriber, spending time with her sweet family, and church planting with her friends. She has a wonderful husband, a 3 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl. Alexis is ecstatic for her first production with CirqueLouis!

Jordan Traylor:

Jordan Traylor is a former gymnast turned aerialist who started training and performing with Turner's Circus while in elementary school. Jordan has appeared in several CirqueLouis performances, on her favorite apparatuses, Lyra and Spanish web. When Jordan is on the ground, she enjoys spending time with her family and perfecting her newest act yet, being a new mom!

Carter M. Webb

As a dancer, Carter has been performing since the age of four. She has lived in both Louisville and Chicago and trained in various dance styles, including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Pom, Lyrical, and Modern. Carter was introduced to her first aerial apparatus in 2012; Pole. She fell in love with aerial arts, taking her first class at Louisville Turners in the summer of 2013. Since then, Carter has performed on Silks, Pole, Aerial Pole, Lyra, Spanish Web, Hammock, Ladders, Aerial Sphere, and Aerial Pole Silks with Turners Circus, Suspend Louisville, Sora Aerial Arts, and CirqueLouis.

Carter has participated in multiple non-profit organizations and boards across Louisville and has a passion for promotions and branding. She joined CirqueLouis as the Marketing and PR Director in January, 2016 as a perfect hybrid of her loves of circus and volunteerism. Outside of circus, you can find Carter working as a Management Consultant and an Adjunct Professor or spending time with her husband, Michael, while traveling on outdoor adventures.

Aunshanay Wilson

Aunshanay has been training in aerial apparatus since 2013, and hasn’t slowed down since. Aunshanay performed with local aerial studios such as Defiance Studios and Sora Aerial Arts in Lexington. She has trained on Pole, Lyra, and Silks and currently teaches Pole Fitness at a local community gym. Dancing has been a part of her life and passion for as long as she can remember. Every Year Aunshanay attends a dance festival where she is eager to learn and explore various types of movements like Zouk, Improv, and Acro yoga to name a few. As a new member of CirqueLouis, Aunshanay is thrilled to be performing in Happy Birthday for the very first time! Aunshanay hopes to pass down her love of movement to her 4 year old livly son Eric.

Cindi Wolf

Cynthia Phillips Wolf aka “Mama Wolf”, has ben involved with the Circus since the mid 1970’s when her daughter first performed and Cynthia made the costumes for Turners’ Circus. Over the years, she has performed as an Aerialist, a Fire-eater, Ring Master, Director, and is still an instructor in their annual show. Eventually her whole family became involved, including her husband Bill and their five children. She has performed in all the CirqueLouis shows, playing a Flapper in “Untapped, Egeus in “Mid-Summer Nights’ Circus”, The Inn keeper, the Farmer and The Fisherman in “Pinocchio”, a Troll Sister in “east of the Sun, West of the Moon” and most recently in CirqueLouis’ production of “Kaleidoscope”. Her favorite performance is as a Fire-eater.

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