CirqueLouis periodically offers workshops and classes in circus arts free of charge to our community in honor of and celebrating the life of Zander Pois. Follow us on Facebook here to keep up with postings and current events we offer.

The Unicycle Project strives to remind others--and ourselves-- that we are never alone, and no matter what trial we may be facing, there are people in our corner, cheering us on.

CirqueKindness/The Unicycle Project

CirqueKindness takes on many different forms for CirqueLouis– sometimes it looks like surprising a fundraising event, and sometimes it looks like feeding the homeless. We live and love to serve! CirqueLouis regularly participates in giving back to out community with circus arts through things like Mayor Fisher’s Give A Day Week, the annual Thanksgiving breakfast, free workshops and intensive studies for the Unicycle Project and Love The Ville events to name a few. CirqueLouis has donated hundreds of hours of service, fed the homeless (with the help of our friends at Northeast Christian Church, JuiceBar, & Scarlett’s Bakery), donated 1100 pieces of clothing, and more!

Read our compassion charter here:

Join us for the upcoming workshops on April 7th (registration is required and space is limited):