Want to donate to CirqueLouis? There are a couple of ways to do that!

1. Donate on PureCharity— you get to pick the project to support!

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Keep circus arts alive and thriving in Louisville!

You know we are a 501(c)3, right? That means any and all donations are tax deductible so please consider contributing today!

Please note that CirqueLouis reserves the right to apply donations to the funds with the largest need. Any funds received over and above the budget of any given campaign will be put into the general CirqueLouis fund in order to keep our circus freaks flying!


Our Mission: Connecting and entertaining our community.

As a 501(c)3 any outright donations to CirqueLouis Co are tax deductible. An option for individual, family or corporate support of our classes (scholarships) or our production is to give at any of the following donation levels:

Ball Walker (under $100)

Acrobat ($100-$500)

Juggler ($500-$1000)

Aerialist ($1000-$5000)

Fire Eater (over $5000)

Donation Tiers and How Your Donation Works:

Ball Walker (under $100)

$25 donation pays for juggling equipment for a beginner

$50 donations used for instructional supplies for workshops, intensives and social circus outreach

Acrobat ($100-$500)

$100 purchases one unicycle

$250 purchases one walking globe

Juggler ($500-$1000)

$500 pays for one complete aerial equipment set up (includes everything needed for rigging); used for both instruction and performances

Aerial Silks



Spanish Webs

Aerialist ($1000-$5000)

Helps CirqueLouis promote and provide Social Circus training in schools and at public events

Enables CirqueLouis to reduces cost of ticket sales at CirqueLouis performances

Fire Eater (over $5,000)

Pays for a complete freestanding aerial rig

Funds additional outreach programs to unite the circus community in the Louisville area

If you would like to donate please contact

Click HERE to donate!!

We can always come and pick it up too – just specify if you want a ball walker, juggler, fire eater or acrobat to come and collect your generous donation!