At CirqueLouis we believe that circus is for everyone.

We are a nonprofit (501c3) dedicated to enhanced circus arts training and bringing forth contemporary circus visions.

Our Vision: To provide our community experiential circus arts through exceptional training and professional contemporary circus.

Our Mission: Connecting and entertaining our community.

Our Purpose: To provide our community experiential circus arts.

Did you know we’re a Compassionate Company?

On January 22, 2016, CirqueLouis declared itself a Compassionate Company and commits itself to the company’s lifetime of compassion.

Compassion: We build our lives, our business, and our programming around compassion. Compassion compels us to press forward in bettering the lives of all around us, bringing justice and service where necessary, and to honor all living beings. Everyone is automatically given absolute justice, equality, respect, and love.

Beauty: CirqueLouis believes that beauty is everywhere to be found, no matter if there is light or darkness.

Inclusion: Any and all who are committed to compassion are welcome.

Empowerment: CirqueLouis is built around the idea that compassion and creativity exist together to create opportunity to make a difference in lives, and create a safe place for individuals to make a difference in their own lives.

Transparency: We have no agenda other than sharing compassion and intertwining our passion for circus into our compassionate lifestyle.

Universally Positive: This effort is solely designed to advance compassionate action and will have no opinions on outside issues.

Social Innovation: Social Innovation is encouraged and praised. We intend to explore new ways of expressing compassion.

Paying It Forward: We and all of our participates are expected to “pay it forward” in a manner of continued compassionate living.

Hospitality: We will welcome any and all in the name of compassion to share ideas, blessings, and creativity.

Abundance: We understand that we are blessed beyond belief, and we will share our blessings.

Awareness/Understanding: We will pursue individual lives of compassion, as well as a business of compassion. We understand that compassion includes but is not limited to charity, service, justice, and love; it is something that can be practiced constantly.

Intention: In every outlet of our company, we will grow and develop what it means to be compassionate. Our commitment to this manner of operation compels us to practice compassion in every facet of our business and lives.

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